Spring Catchup

Spring Catchup

Hello friends, apologies for the several weeks of silence – we had a few surprise opportunities come up that diverted my attention and all my energy – but I’m back and excited to jump back into things! I thought I’d do a little bit of a catchup here with a punch list of fun happenings and shares. I’ve also refreshed the homepage (you’ll see this at the start of every month) and am cleaning up my curated shops now. Hope you enjoy!


Windows wide open

We are now in my very favorite season: spring! I guess summer is technically my favorite, but I lump spring and summer together. Lighter layers, longer sunny days, trees and flowers in bloom, and warmer weather – what’s not to love? I am always counting down the days in New England winters to get to this point.

I made a Driving with the Windows Down playlist that I’ve been listening to nonstop and wanted to share so you could all enjoy as well!


Spring Style

I recently flipped my closet from my cold weather staples to my warm weather wardrobe (a post on how and why I do this coming soon) and realized I’ve got some new additions I’m loving that I’ve been meaning to share with you! I have so many beautiful blouses and dresses I’ve collected over the past few years that still fit, and I’m excited to bring them out again and to take the time for myself to get dressed up!

I supplemented my usual suspects with a new hat, bag (the very best price I’ve seen on this), sunnies, and fun florals that I’ve been loving and completely recommend!


Home Things

I’ve grabbed a few fresh finds for the home, as I always have my eyes peeled and am definitely more prone to taking the plunge on special pieces as I find them. We added a few small things to our barware collection, and I ran across these in the process and am OBSESSED. They are only $2 each, are thick, high-quality glass, and the sweetest little bowls that I can see used for fruit, desserts, or even as votive candle holders down a tablescape! I grabbed the last three at my local store and immediately came home and ordered more.



While I had big plans to redo my at-home office, I’ve pulled the plug on that project because…well let me just get to it already.


The big news

We sold our condo and we bought a house!

While we certainly were not looking to buy a house or move (I’ve loved this sweet city condo so much!), our best friend’s neighbors whispered that they were thinking of putting their house on the market. We ended up going all in to purchase the home (who doesn’t want to live next door to their bestie??) and quickly selling our condo to make it happen (the stress of it all – it was truly chaos!) and doing a “direct deal” giving the sellers the amount they wanted. Long-story-short, the sale completely fell through at the last minute because the sellers changed their minds and decided to stay in the home, and we were not only devastated, but in quite a bind because WE HAD SOLD OUR OWN CONDO IN THE MEANTIME. Lots of sleepless nights, stress, and anxiety took over….it was a rough and chaotic few weeks for us.

We quickly rebounded though and as luck would have it, the perfect little Cape-style house in a beach town right outside the Boston city limits opened up in our absolute dream of a neighborhood and we snagged it! We have been on cloud nine pinching ourselves, and it truly feels like a dream come true.

We move in at the end of May and I couldn’t be more excited to take on some fresh home projects and to have a yard! As you all know, Gazpacho just turned 10 last week and we joke that we basically bought him a backyard for his birthday…because he is a king and he deserves it 😉


Alright, that is the full catchup! Excited to share more in coming weeks. Happy Spring to all! xx


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  1. Emily Billings says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad things worked out in terms of finding a new home but I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s such a complicated dance! Excited to see Gazpacho’s yard! Hope the move goes smoothly.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks so much for these sweet sweet words Emily, it was a stressful process for sure but in the end I think we got super lucky and we’re super grateful! We truly can’t wait to move it…I’m counting down the days! xx


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!🎉🍾 It goes to show everything happens for a reason, and you ended up with the perfect home!!!! I cannot wait to see what beauty you bring to your new home!!!! XOXOs Sincerely, Clairesse❤️

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much! This definitely felt like the very best outcome, we feel so insanely lucky and grateful! xo

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