February Favorites

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February Favorites

A look back at what I loved and what inspired me this month.

I’m a couple days late on this but the shortest month of the year truly breezed by….and I’m THRILLED to be this much closer to spring and summer – my favorite!

I do love this new series and want to take a pause to share what resonated with me throughout the month. So let’s dive right in!



A few personal things happening (that I can’t wait to share more about soon!) have kept me super busy this past week-and-a-half and completely halted my reading momentum, but I managed to squeeze a couple great reads in this month! Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime was a complete page turner, blending heavy personal experiences of growing up biracial in apartheid South Africa with his self-deprecating humor. I cannot recommend it enough!


I also have to plug that Will wrote his first opinion piece and had it published on NPR! I could not be more proud of him — he is the most compassionate, hardest worker I know and this is just a tiny glimpse into the care and concern he gives his patients everyday. Plus I’m biased, but he is handsome as hell… 😉



I binged the entire mini-series of A Teacher on Hulu last weekend and it is hauntingly good. It handles the incredibly heavy topic of predatory relationships, grooming, and the lasting effects of trauma. Definitely take note of the trigger warnings, but I thought it was thoughtfully handled and explored male toxicity, manipulation, and abuse in such a real, nuanced way. I honestly can’t stop thinking about it, and the final scene is so crushing and so good. I’m telling everyone it’s an important watch!


At Home

I took on our study this month and am super excited to be breathing new life into the space that I spend most of my week in now working from home! I ended up painting the walls, trim, and ceiling all in this color and am completely enamored with it. It is the perfect warm peachy neutral with immense depth – it changes so much through the day, I love it. You can peep all my upcoming plans for the space via this post if you missed it!

As some of you have seen on Instagram, I finally decided to order this piece after having my eyes on it for over a year and love, love, love it. It was originally destined for my study but it look so good in our living room right now that I’m keeping it there. I love it as an ottoman and a side table and am tempted to buy a second…

I also just ordered this little minimal pouf for Gazpacho to use as a step to jump on our bed (priorities y’all) and a reader put me on to this magic pet hair eliminating tool and I’m wondering how in the world we have gone all these years without it. Had to pass these along!



I cannot express to you how ready I am to put away the heavy coats and sweaters in exchange for skirts, lighter layers, and fun accessories for Spring. So I may have gone a little bananas ordering a few things this week that are en route to get me excited about longer, sunnier, warmer days ahead! Sharing them all below 🙂


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Onwards to March, where we get daylight savings and the first day of spring! Can you see me smiling? I can’t wait. xx



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