Home Updates: Plans for Refreshing the Office

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Home Updates: Plans for Refreshing the Office

I’ve been tinkering away at some casual home updates, honing in on plans for refreshing the office space. In response to the pandemic (these crazy times!) two weeks of work from home turned into three months, then six months, and now we are coming up on a year. Time is ripe to really make this a space I’m happy to spend my time away in!

I haven’t shared all that much of this room in the past, but it is very small 7’10” x 6’5″. You can peek some of how it’s looked for the past two years in this old post, but essentially, it become a hand-me-down room that hadn’t been cultivated with much intention.


But I have valued how powerful bringing in a fresh vase of flowers, some mood lighting, and lighting a candle can be in lifting my mood once entering the space, and feeling the joy and comfort that the perks of working from home can bring!

I’m excited to lean further into those moments of joy, and to surround the space more intentionally with sparks of comfort and inspiration while also celebrating some negative space to trick myself into thinking there is some “room to breathe” in this little, cozy room.

My philosophy

I’ve learned by now that it is always great to have a “plan” and to create a vision board of sorts, but to also be open to changes and to pieces, vintage and new, that surprise and captivate you along the way.

I’ve also learned its best to not try to do a whole room in one go. You should cultivate your home and closet with things you discover, love, and truly bring you joy as you find them, rather than rushing timelines. Also, doing things organically like this is much more financially realistic. Our homes and closets are an evolution because we ourselves are always changing…and that is something to be celebrated!

I try to keep that all in mind now with my purchases and plans: let yourself, your taste, and your spaces evolve.


My plans

So far, I’ve painted the room a most perfect warm peachy-beige color by Benjamin Moore (“Lambskin”), painting the trim and ceiling in the same color. I’m in love, it is the perfect, cozy hue that makes me smile whenever I peek in!

I’ve been ogling this desk for a while and think she’s the one. I love that it is simple and versatile enough to double as a console if we need it to serve a different function in the future if/when we move. I just ordered this ottoman that has been on my wishlist for a while and am freaking obsessed with it. She is looking so good in my living room though, so it might have to stay in there!

Since I don’t have high enough ceiling for a pendant, I’m pretty enamored with the sweet scallop of this flush mount light, and this chair feels elegant and elevated, without taking up too much visual weight.

Because of the odd measurements of the room, I’ll likely go the route of a custom size rug. Taking the rug to just a few inches short of each wall’s border will really maximize the size of the room, so I’m excited to give this a go!

I’ll share progress as I go, but I hope this empowers you all to make the rooms you spend the most time in feel a little more luxe for yourselves, whether that means a weekend paint job, a lit candle, a new lamp, or a whole refresh! xx

Home Updates: Plans for Refreshing the Office | Millay Studio

Home Updates: Plans for Refreshing the Office | Millay Studio

p.s. РI just put these Ikea cabinets together and wall-mounted them this weekend (such a great, inexpensive purchase!). Apparently they are infamous for these gaps in the doors, so I just ordered these Ivar gap kits from Etsy that will hopefully be and easy fix. Painted them the same color as the walls and love!


Vision board sources:


graphic print / flush-mount light / curtains / desk / chair / rug / cabinets / lamp / glass dish / ottoman

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