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New Things Around Here

A quick peek at what’s new, what’s to come, and where to find it

After many months of being in a creative rut, I’ve finally turned a corner and feel renewed with ideas, giving me momentum that I want to channel here on this site.

These days, I’m leaning more into the things I love — reading novels, deep diving in style and interior books, rearranging this and that around the house, hunting for vintage and bespoke treasures, rethinking what I feel comfortable in and why — and have realized they are what make me come alive. It’s in these little moments that I feel most clicked-in to who I am, and those little sparks of self-assurance truly give me a buzz of comfort and excitement!

My hope is to let a lot of this creative resurgence within me can spill out here, and I have a few new ideas and fresh directions that I’m really excited to share. My goal is to cultivate this blog to feel more like a cherished magazine, with thoughtful refreshes, content that feels authentic and approachable, and with little golden nuggets of discovery peppered in.


New services

First thing’s first, I’m particularly jazzed to offer two new services: product sourcing and general design consultation.

I’m so honored anytime I get DMs or emails asking me to take on an interior design project, but I simply don’t have the bandwidth to take on projects of that size. These two services, however, offer fully customized, tailored design guidance in manageable project scopes.

Recent examples of each service that I recently wrapped up were a bar cart sourcing project and a kitchen remodel general consultation. I love that both of these services are easy to offer virtually and am excited to take on more moving forward!


Fresh inspiration at an enjoyable pace

I’ve been thinking a lot about cadence and finding the balance between craving something new and fresh while also appreciating a slower pace. I want that balance to also be struck here, where you can find regularly updated tidbits while having the time to let them marinate.

You may have noticed that I’ve redesigned my homepage a bit to better include what I’m loving from a range of sources. I’ll be doing monthly homepage refreshes include what I’m vision-boarding on my Tumblr, favorite earmarked images from my Pinterest, and a short-list of my favorite wardrobe and home finds.

The start of each month will usher in the new, so that I’m sharing fresh discoveries on the homepage at a pace that can be enjoyed like a nice glass of wine: with a bit of linger before the next pour.



Where to find what

The Shop dropdown at the top of the page is updated constantly. I spend a lot of time cultivating inspiration and curating favorite finds (and my personal wishlist items are always included in these!) — it takes me back to my buying and merchandising days with my old shop, two parts of the job I really miss. I hope you can sense the care I put into the round-ups and how fun it is for me to find treasures!

You can now shop my home by room – I’ve tried to make this one as easy as possible to navigate since I get the most questions and DMs about sources and can’t always answer super quickly. I’ve also created a place where you can shop my closet for the exact pieces I own and love.

I also round up sale selects to some of my favorite retailers and makers as promotions happen, that way I can easily share anything I think is worth considering without the pretense of needing to build an entire blog post around each one.

I’ve also got a few series underway now including my monthly favorites column, style files, and objects of desire!


That’s all for now — I hope you’ll click and browse around and let me know what you think! xo

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