Introducing: Our New House!

Introducing: Our new house

Allow me to introduce you to our new home: a perfect little house we see being our forever home! If you missed the saga of how we ended up here, I shared a bit of our buying/selling process over here in this post earlier this spring.

The house itself was built in 1930 and was very thoughtfully updated by the previous owners — we feel so incredibly lucky to now call it ours! There are so many projects and interior/exterior design ideas swirling around in my head, I can’t wait to make progress in tweaking it to be completely “us.” That said, we are very fortunate that nothing needs to be done and it is a dream to live in as-is.

I shared a not-so-brief tour of the inside and outdoor space over on IG that I’m re-sharing here to give you a lay of the land:





Everything down to that sweet brick walkway to our front door exudes so much charm, I am still in disbelief that I wake up here everyday now! We have a lot of big plans down the road because I never want to move again and am very set on this being our forever home that we can make decades of memories in. (I’ve learned that, of course, life has a way of throwing challenges and surprises at us, but if I get to have my way, we will grow old and fabulous here.)


Working on now:

  • Swapping out light fixtures. New pendants have already been swapped in the kitchen (see below!) and we have our dining room light fixture ready to go as well – just waiting for some rewiring that needs to be done.
  • Painting all the walls a light yet warm neutral color (still narrowing down the exact color)
  • In the kitchen: changing the backsplash, painting the bottom kitchen cabinets, replacing the faucet, and swapping out cabinet hardware (faucet en route along with some tile samples!)
  • Adding a cabinet to the open wall in the kitchen to serve as pantry (done!)
  • Adding a picket fence around the yard so Gazpacho can run free (plus I love simple wooden fences that have flowers and botanicals growing through the openings – the best!) – this will be getting installed this month!
  • New sofa / coffee table to modernize the living room a bit (just placed our order for our new sofa from DWR this weekend and hoping for an early fall delivery)
  • Adding a gas insert into our existing fireplace to make cozy fires as easy as turning on and off in the many cold months of New England
  • Dining table (being handmade now by Vermont Farm Table, whom my pal Jessica from Oh I Design introduced us to!)


(sneak peek of our new fixtures installed over our kitchen peninsula)


Dreaming of in the future:

  • Converting the garage into a sunroom that we can step down into from our kitchen – I’m dreaming of wide french doors that open into this space!
  • Adding a small in-ground pool (my dreammmm)
  • Expanding the upstairs bathroom to a full bath (currently a spacious half bath)
  • Expanding the width of the driveway and laying down herringbone brick/pavers instead of concrete
  • Adding a small front porch
  • Change accent tiling in main bathroom
  • Custom built-in storage in small guest room (i need a place for all my books)
  • Creating a seasonal vegetable garden surrounded by warm-toned pea gravel (my goal is to create an outdoor oasis inspired by English countryside gardenscapes)


On top of these specific projects are just the little moments of creating home, from styling out a bookshelf, getting your bedside table in order, picking little bits of decor here and there — all those little things that make a home perfectly you — that I’m excited to dive into.

Now that I’m settling into a new routine, I’m hoping to get better at snapping decent pictures and sharing more over here. I’m excited to reconnect! Thank you all for the kindest notes that have been sent my way wishing us well in our move. I cherished every sweet word.

I’ll sign off by sharing some of our recent purchases and selections for our home below. Trying to keep tabs of everything over under my “Shop” sections but will need to tidy that up a bit later this month…until then!



A few favorite furniture and decor pieces I’ve collected for our new home:



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