Main Bedroom Vision

Main Bedroom Vision

One of the first rooms I wanted to dedicate attention to in our new home is our main bedroom: I’m not looking to do a top-to-bottom overhaul, but I am looking to lay the right foundation right away so we have a relaxing place to start and end our days.

I’m excited to share a few updates we’ve already been able to do to the space, but wanted to share my overall vision here first. The goal is an elevated, neutral, minimalist space where comfort reigns supreme, where luxury linens can add softness and texture, and our eyes have a chance to rest and unplug.

Here are some of the images I’ve tucked away that are serving as my main inspiration. You can also find lots more that I tuck away here on my pinterest or over here on my visual journal!


simple neutral bed and walls



We’ve already been able to upgrade to a king size bed (which we are loving), am working on our nightstands, just had the room painted, and have some made-to-order pillows en route. I’ll be sharing progress shots soon, so stay tuned!



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