Budget-Conscious Sustainable Style



“Do you have any suggestions for sustainable clothing brands besides Everlane that are still somewhat affordable?” —Brianna



I’ve been loving the questions that have been sliding into my DMs, and here we are with another once I’m excited to post about!

Everlane has become a go-to name, and I share what I love from them often (as evidenced here and here). But what are some budget-friendly options beyond Everlane? Here is my quick punch-list!


Second-hand online options:

First and foremost, the most sustainable and affordable option is shopping second-hand. Many simple silk and cashmere basics from my own wardrobe are thrift-store finds.

Since local thrift stores are not an option right now, there are TONS of online options! The key is to learn what your search terms should be, saving favorite searches, and bookmarking favorite sellers. To get you started, these are my favorite online second hand resources:

Poshmark   //  Depop  //  The Real Real  //  ThredUp  //  Vestaire Collective



I was a little slow to the punch on the Reformation train, but let me tell you, I am all aboard now.

These flattering knit tanks are only $38 and are a new favorite to me (I have both colors) and have loved having a few on-trend pieces (like this top) I’ve collected from them at moderate price points!

p.s. They are having a site-wide 30% off sale right now, so a great time to try them out! 


Amour Vert

With nearly all of their pieces made in California and everything being made in limited quantities, this company is not only super thoughtful about their production process and offering but also have an fairly broad and on-trend selection at a variety of price-points. Also, they offer 15% off your first order and are fully stocked in one of my favorite pairs of jeans (they look vintage but are more comfortable)!

Sharing a few of my current selects:


Christy Dawn

While I haven’t yet placed an order with Christy Dawn, I’ve long followed and admired their journey and offering. Their prices edge on the higher end of moderate, but you can occasionally find some budget-friendly basics.

I personally always love a curated selection versus a vast library, which is how they present their collections, and right now I’ve got my eye on this dress, this dress, this top, this top, and this top. Plus everything is 20% off right now with the code TOGETHER20. (Okay, I just convinced myself to get this skirt and maybe this top…oops!)


Others suggested by readers:

Happy Nature  //  Tentree  //  Tradlands


Other general tips

No matter your shopping destination, you can always shop with a sustainable lens by paying attention to the content label of the garment. Avoiding polyester and other synthetics, or at least looking at having the percentages of synthetics to be a very minimal component with 90%+ attributed to natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, etc. has been my general litmus test of whether I really want to invest in the life-cycle of that garment.

The pursuit of sustainable style can quickly spiral into a sea of politics, but rather than getting lost in the litany of micro-considerations, I’ve come to feel much more strongly about thinking really critically about quantity over quantity, consuming less, and being more responsible with what I consume.

Trying to do better is the goal, don’t get caught up in falling short of perfection. Hope this short guide helped a bit!


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