The Art of the Letter


“Hi Mary, I hope you’re staying safe! I am searching for stationery and want to see if you have any favorites? I want to send thank you cards. Do you have anything you swear by or enjoy?” —Ellen P.



First of all, I’m genuinely honored that you guys value and trust my taste and recommendations, and selfishly I love putting round-ups together. So thank you Ellen for the question! Now let’s dive right in:

The art of the handwritten letter exudes a level of romance and intention that is all but forgotten, and certainly feels a little lost in translation when written via email or text. What better time to put pen to paper and hand-write a note to friend or family for no reason other than to say hello and check in?

Because I don’t know about you, but my face immediately flickers to a smile when I get some unexpected snail mail.

On a personal note, I’ve also taken to the practice of writing my grandmother routinely this past year. She was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, and talking has gotten more and more difficult as she loses her words or train of thought mid-sentence. She also has trouble hearing and processing verbal conversation, but does better when reading. The letters are a quick way for me to remind her that we are thinking of her, and my grandfather reads them to her in addition to her having them to read herself (because he has a way of communicating with her that no one else does), which makes me tear up at the tenderness of each of those layers.

In any case, whether it is to a family member or friend, to say thanks, “happy mother’s day,” or hello, I love having stationery on hand so I’m not always scrambling to go find a greeting card, and can rather put a letter or quick note together spur of the moment and pop it in the mail!


Stationery I am loving right now: 

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Other stationery sources by small makers I love:

Katie Leamon

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In Haus Press


Happy writing! xx


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