Everlane Favorites + CWYP Shopping Tips

Everlane Favorites from Millay


Reflecting back on my style journey, I’ve worked to prune my wardrobe and invest in more refined pieces throughout 2019, selecting better basics to pull my outfits out of my young twenties and into adulthood.

Toeing the line of simple but elevated means selecting truly considered pieces. It means seeking and selecting basics that drape correctly, fit well, feel good against the skin, and are a quality that can provide longevity.

Some of my personal favorite sources for these elevated basics are Theory, Vince, and Everlane. And with any brand, there are some things that stand out more than others, so I thought I would share some of my tried-and-true favorites with you all.

My tried-and-true favorites:


Everlane also does a “Choose What You Pay” event a couple times a year, where they offer discounted pricing on items they’ve either overproduced or are discontinuing, in an effort to reduce waste. One of those events is going on now, and it’s definitely worth a look. I’ve sifted through the offering to pull together some of my recommended favorites.


My Choose What You Pay favorites:


Tips for shopping CWYP and other sale events in a thoughtful way:

My strategy when shopping these CWYP (“Choose What You Pay”) or any sale event is to really consider whether you would pay full price for the item to avoid purchasing solely as a result of excitement over the sale price. Also, consider a few different “ways” of wearing the item with existing items and accessories in your wardrobe. Does it offer versatility? Does it feel like your style in each of those varietals? Another method I use is placing it in my cart and waiting 24 hours. Do I still want it the next day? Just a few ways to slow the process down a bit with purchases.




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