Reasons to Splurge on Bedding

Close up of Garnet Hill Bedding - Reasons to Splurge on Bedding

Are you looking for reasons to splurge on bedding? Don’t worry, I am here to enable you, with some valid justifications for doing so…

A few years back, I invested in a set of linen sheets after solely relying on some not-so-premium sets from Target since college, and I can honestly attest that there is no turning back once you’ve upgraded your bedding. Soft, breathable, and beautiful bedding elevates one of the most essential parts of our everyday lives: a good night’s sleep!

I’ve actually started to enjoy the moments in my morning routine where I make my bed — pulling up the sheets, blanket, and duvet, fluffing the pillows and folding a few layers back — it’s a calming ritual that reminds me to appreciate what I have. Nice bedding has made this all the more enjoyable, because I love the tactile experience of feeling those soft but substantial rumpled textures through my fingers, and Gazpacho seems happier than ever 😉

A trick I learned in retail was to mist your bed with a little room spray — I make my own with a few drops of lavender oil in water in a spray bottle I keep by my bed. This releases wrinkles if you pull pillowcases taught and creates a serene ambiance in the room — such a lovely way to start the day!


“a trick I learned in retail was to mist your bed with a little room spray — I make my own with a few drops of lavender oil in water in a spray bottle I keep by my bed. This releases wrinkles if you pull pillowcases taught and creates a serene ambiance”



And at the end of the day, its such a true pleasure to burrow underneath the layers! And ladies: is there nothing better than luxe fabric on fresh shaved legs at night? Just me? This all plays in to better nights of rest and relaxation.



Reasons to Splurge on Bedding

The comfort of breathability

As I’ve gotten older, temperature regulation with sleep has become a thing. Several years ago, I started getting bouts of night sweats that were so bad they would wake me up in the middle of the night (TMI? Sorry.). I also realized that sharing your bed with your life partners (aka my husband and my dog) makes it all the trickier since we are all comfortable at different temperatures. This is where the right fabrics and quality of bedding make all the difference. Natural fibers are simply going to offer you the best breathability with inherent temperature-regulating qualities. (tip: linen is the most breathable and cotton is the softest to the touch!)

This is true in fashion, and this is true in bedding: synthetics just aren’t comfortable or breathable.


Durability and longevity

Quality bedding simply lasts longer. When you are washing your bedding once a week (ideally), you want fabrics that get softer with every wash and hold up to years of use. I kid you not, quality bedding can last you decades, whereas my old bargain sheets needed to be replaced once a year. Cost per use, as usual, weighs in favor of quality over quantity.

Lower maintenance

Organic cotton and linen sheets simply maintain a bit of je ne sais quoi quality, where their wrinkles look intentional rather than disheveled and unkempt. (see photos below)


Creates a hotel experience at home

If this year of quarantine has taught us anything, there is no place like home, and our own bedrooms have the power to provide us with the staycation level of relaxation we need if we outfit it correctly! Why wait to splurge on a big vacation to experience a dreamy bed-scape when you can create it at home for every single night?


(images: linen sheets above, organic cotton sateen sheets below)

My personal favorite bedding options

Garnet Hill is my go to for bedding textiles, hands down. I love their home textiles in general (throw blankets, towels, etc.) and can never go wrong with their bedding. In Emily Henderson’s early days of blogging, she introduced me to the Eileen Fisher bedding line at Garnet Hill, and they were forever cemented in my mind as the masters of elevated bed linens.

I almost always stick to linen for its breathability and how it softens as it ages, but have to say that I recently got these cotton sateen sheets and am IN LOVE – the softest I’ve ever laid in!

Shop all my bedding:

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You can also see more of my bedroom here and here (our bed and bedding has been on a journey haha) and I try to share sources to everything in our home here.

Disclosure: bedding in this post was provided by Garnet Hill, but all opinions, suggestions, and tips are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I carefully consider partnering with!

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