Little Luxuries Gift Guide

Little Luxuries Gift Guide Collage from Millay Studio

Little Luxuries Gift Guide

While the holidays are literally right around the corner, I also know there are some of you just getting to shopping for your family and friends now. At the very least, you may have finished wrangling gifts for everyone else and now it’s time to pamper yourself! If so, then this little luxuries gift guide is perfect for you.

Truly Timeless Gifts

Since 2020 has truly been a year of creating more comfort at home and finding joy in the little things, elevating the essentials in our lives feels more powerful now than ever before. From taking in deep breaths of a aromatic hand and body wash, cozying up in plush slippers and a warm, over-sized sweater (even for work with all this WFH!), or hunkering down at home with a robust glass of wine to play a classic board game, it has truly been these little rituals that have gotten me through this pandemic.

“…elevating the essentials in our lives feels more powerful now than ever before”

In fact, I hope this celebration of self-care continues well beyond the numbered days of this pandemic, because in truth, these small moments of delight make a very big impact in daily contentment, in my opinion. And while luxury isn’t necessarily about overwhelming price-tags (and over-indulging is an easy slippery slope to fall down), I do think quality over quantity is always the key, and little essentials feel most worthy of investment. That said, I’ve got a nice mix of high and low as far and price-points, and hope you all find an idea or two to treat a loved one (or yourself!) with. Enjoy!


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All the Little Luxuries

  • I got myself this cozy cardigan a few months ago in gray and reach for it multiple times a week for work and lounging! Now I want to add this hazelnut version to my collection…and these slippers are 100% WFH chic.
  • Scent truly transports me, and is 100% the reason behind my candle obsession (I was A FREAK about branding my old shop with the right candle scent anytime customers walked through our doors). This botanical soap, bath wash, shampoo, and condition set seems like a perfect spa experience at home…and nothing elevates my outfit like the finishing touch of a lovely perfume. You can also visit My Favorite Candles round-up for candle suggestions: a tried-and-true gift option for any occasion!
  • While I’ve always had a soft spot for vessels, this is the year my adoration has overflowed for sculptural vases that are beautiful with or without flowers.
  • All this time in hibernation has increased my book and magazine reading ten-fold, which I love! The World of Interiors shelter magazine has been one of my favorite subscriptions! I am always a fan of magazine subscriptions as a gift. It’s a gift that gives all year long!
  • Not pictured but another idea I loved: Buying a digital downloads of a person’s favorite movies for them! I know movie marathons have been a renewed ritual for many, and I’ve especially loved going back to favorite classics myself (like all things Audrey Hepburn to Sweet Home Alabama, Father of the Bride, Legally Blonde and more)! This feels like an easy gift to personalize for the fellas, too.




Don’t forget you can also browse my various shops for more gift ideas. I’m always adding to and curating things I love in them!

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