Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Millay Blog | Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


We’ve reached the final days before Christmas — for those who celebrate it — and no matter how much I prep, there always seem to be last minute gifts and stocking stuffers I need to grab for my nearest and dearest. I know I’m not alone and thought I’d share some of the lasting, thoughtful, quality items that catch my eye over on Amazon, with a guarantee to arrive by Christmas Day if you order in that last sliver of a window we have left.

Here are my personal selects, a good number of which I own and love, and a few that I personally would love to have show up under my tree or in my stocking. Isn’t that always the sign of a good gift, if you truly also want it for yourself?



I hope these gift guides, holiday decor guides, and shop selects have offered a nice dose of inspiration for you this year. I’ve honestly really enjoyed putting them together!

And don’t forget that your favorite local shops are also stocked with great options, so dropping in the old-fashioned way and grabbing their recommendations for gifts you’ll be exchanging in person is always a win — for you, your loved ones, and your community.

Enjoy, and happy holidays to you all my friends!


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