January Favorites

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January Favorites

A look back at what I loved and what inspired me this month.

Hello 2021! After a bumpy start, I needed to have life fall back into a familiar rhythm to bring me back to a better mental state…and I’m guessing I was not the only one. Now that we’ve reached the end of the month, I feel more rooted thanks to some self-care and personal projects. In fact, I’m a bit giddy to feel recharged after a year where I felt, frankly, a little creatively lost.

I’ve got a couple new ideas that I’m eager to kick off and can’t wait to share more details with you. But for now, let’s look back at what really fed my soul in January. I hope they bring some joy and inspiration to you too!



I’m already on my fourth book this year (thank you quarantine!), and these two were my favorites from the month.

The first is by Mia Farrow’s son, Ronan, and details the take-down of Harvey Weinstein (an effort he nearly single-handedly led over years of investigative work). The second is one of the most refreshing experimental writing styles from a contemporary writer that I’ve read in a long while — it takes about 40 pages of reading to get used to but is worth the effort, I promise.

Catch & Kill by Ronan Farrow

The Lesser Bohemians by Eimear McBride



New England winters are brutal, and the weather completely dries out my skin. I’ve been looking for a sensitive, deeply hydrating skincare routine and have fallen in love with a new-to-me line named Ren. It’s a natural, vegan-friendly line from the UK that has my skin glowing — I highly recommend! Also just ordered a new set of reusable toner swabs, a game-changer.



This is the time of year that I, without fail, give up on winter and have tunnel vision for the warmer months ahead. Here are a few things that I’ve recently grabbed for my closet that let me be in denial about snow and mentally usher in Spring. I can’t wait for sunshine and warmth and a chance to frolic about outside without a heavy coat! I am ready for you Spring, please hurry!

p.s. Christy Dawn is currently having a site-wide 30% off sale – you can find my selects here. I’ve also started collecting pieces of my closet and sharing them here since I tend to get a lot of messages requesting where to find this or that.



At Home

After sitting in a bit of a design rut at home, I’m feeling reinvigorated with a renewed vision to refresh elements of our place.

I’m all about slowly collecting unique, quality pieces I love, and these salad tossers I grabbed from LoQ make me so happy and I bring them out at nearly every meal now.

I’ve been busy painting the sliding panel closet doors, crown molding, and baseboards in our master bedroom the same color as the walls and the space feels completely transformed…I’m obsessed! Now I have the painting itch and am tackling our study next.

I’ve also transitioned our laundry and dishwasher detergents to Dropps for more sustainable cleaning and had to share – they are priced well, are SO MUCH more environmentally-friendly than the plastic bins and jugs, and take up very little space. (You can use this link for $15 off your first order)

Thank you for being here and reading, it means the very most. xx

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