Cardigan cozy with Garnet Hill

Cardigan cozy with Garnet Hill

As much as I’ve fought against fall (since summer is my favorite), it’s high time I acknowledge that autumn is indeed here. So this is me embracing and celebrating this cooler season, where we reach for the warm cozy things around us to keep us warm.

Little bits of woven luxury, like this oversized ribbed knit cashmere cardigan, are exactly what make me remember that fall isn’t so bad when you layer up, eat some cider donuts, and get a chai latte! I honestly rely on cashmere for the colder months in order to feel both chic and comfortable — other sweater fabrics usually make me feel a little suffocating and itchy and therefore make me grumpy.

You all know by now that oversized, neutral sweaters have been my cold-weather mainstay for many years now, and I highly recommend this cozy cardigan here as a nice layer with polish! I love a knit that can be dressed up (like with this fun Ganni dress or over silk slip dresses) or decidedly dressed down (I’ve also been wearing this over my pjs at night as I pad around the house), so this is going to easily be one I reach for many a times this season.

Linking all my outfit details below! xx


* sweater compliments of Garnet Hill, all thoughts are my own.

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