Objects of Desire: Elevated Minimal and Modern Art with The Poster Club

Simple Modern Art in Entryway- Millay Studio

Objects of Desire: Elevated Minimal and Modern Art with The Poster Club

Art is a very personal, subjective genre that can feel super intimidating to commit to when decorating your home. First thing’s first when diving in: let yourself pick whatever in the world speaks to you. If you like it, then it’s special…period!

Over the years, I’ve found that modern, minimalist art and vintage no-name finds tend to be the pieces that both intrigue me for offering layers of interpretation while also creating a sense of calm and serenity in the spaces they inhabit. They can both grab your attention while also receding into the backdrop, if that makes sense.

For vintage, I prefer to find art at flea markets, antique stalls, and occasionally Etsy.  For minimalist, modern art though I have repeatedly turned to Copenhagen-based art supplier The Poster Club for their unique artist collaborations offered at accessible price points.

After loving a couple selections from them in our previous condo, I knew they’d be the perfect source for a couple special moments in our new home. So I’m thrilled that they graciously partnered with me to share some new personal favorites along with an exclusive discount code for you all. Keep scrolling to see where I’ve placed my new selections, for useful hacks on elevating art prints, and for 20% off your TPC order!

Scandinavian Living Room with Modern Art above sofa - Millay Studio

A few notes to keep in mind when selecting artwork for your home:

  • Don’t be afraid to play around with matting and wall placement: ample negative space can speak volumes in quieting a more colorful or “busy” work of art. Asymmetry can also create interest while offering balance (like this small artwork hung over our L-shaped sofa, which visually “balances” the chaise extension to the left) 
  • Create a mix of hung and leaning art, which creates more dimension and texture throughout a space, as well as mixes levels of overall design formality.
  • Integrating a variety of frame materials helps achieve a more “collected over time” look.
  • I personally prefer simple, no-fuss frames to keep the art itself the focus of the eye. Ornate frames tend to distract my eye and compete with the art itself. 
  • I used of off-the-shelf frames (all linked below) for all our prints, but in the past, I’ve repurposed vintage frames as well. To customize and elevate second-hand or off-the-shelf framing, a smart tip I’ve used is to have matting custom cut to size and/or replace plexiglass inserts with museum-grade glass. You can do this at any local frame store or even art supply stores.

minimalist art over bar cart - millay studio

My two favorites so far are the larger artwork we have in our entryway and the piece over our bar: depending on how you walk through our home, you can have both within eyeshot, and I love how well they complement and play off of one another while being able to stand on their own. 

And while there is still more softening/layering with window treatments and other decor I’ll be layering into our home over time, I cannot believe how high-impact these framed prints were in making each space they adorned feel more “finished.” We are truly in love with each piece, and I love that simple abstract art lends itself to being moved around and layered in with other art and decor so easily — they truly feel like so versatile!

minimalist art over book stack - millay studio

minimal botanical art over desk - millay studio

I’ve linked each of my selections below, along with some of the surrounding furnishings and frames that I went with. The Poster Club has an incredible selection of art work in a wide breadth of sizing, so I know you all are going to love window shopping their options.

If you’re in the market for a piece or two for yourself (or as a gift), you can use the code 20maryspears for 20% off your purchase at The Poster Club! (expires 9/26)

many thanks to The Poster Club for partnering with me on this post and gifting the above prints – they make our home even more of a complete treat to spend our days in!

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