Unique Bar Carts with Timeless Appeal

Unique Bar Carts with Timeless Appeal image collage

Unique Bar Carts with Timeless Appeal

One of my recent sourcing services projects was for a classic bar cart that would easily work in a small NYC apartment (a shameless plug for my newly launched services, don’t judge me) – and this sent me down a rabbit hole of bar cart options that were either resounding yeses or flat no-s from me.

I know this is a touchy subject, so I’ll just rip off the band-aid: while I appreciate how popular bar carts have become, most times I don’t love them. I find that I’m super picky about which ones pass my mark. Hence, why I have yet to purchase one of my own (though I do have it on my long-term wishlist, so I’m not a lost cause!). There are SO many options out there, and many of them feel rather blah to me…and I loathe a cart with cheap-looking finishes. But a well-portioned classic, or a super unique bar cart with timeless appeal is a whole other story.

The right bar cart, whether it be an interesting shape or materiality, can add a moment of thoughtful design to a space, a touch of panache. A well-designed, simple classic, can also add just enough sparkle while successfully fading to the background.

The wrong one can feel kitchy and juvenile, which feels off to me. To hold your very adult liquors, you need a mature cart, am I right?

I’ll share some of my favorites on the market at the moment, including many vintage treasures, from a range of price-points. And because I want these posts to always stay relevant, anytime I come across any other great bar carts, I’ll add it to this post — FYI!

And if you need one that hits certain measurement constraints, style leanings (vintage! bespoke!), or a specific price-point, you can always inquire about using my sleuthy shopping services for yourself.

Current Favorite Bar Carts

another amazing one via Chairish with major art deco vibes – and on major sale!

collage image sources: one, two, three

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