The Joy of Collecting Yellow Stripes

A couple years ago, I stumbled across the incredible collection of vibrant ceramics from Alex and Trahanas and ever since I’ve been transfixed with bold stripes on thick ceramics. I can’t get enough and henceforth plan to collect them over time: don’t they just add a sense of whimsy and cheer to the counter? As a vase of flowers? A cup of coffee? A small plate of snacks?

Any time I come across a beautiful object that can’t help but spark a smile, I know its worth bringing home…and using often.

The Alex and Trahanas are a bit of investment pieces or special gifts, but I’ve since come across fun collections from Vietri — another beautiful tabletop maker — that are a little more friendly on the wallet without compromising on heirloom quality. I recently grabbed the two dessert plates above and love whipping them out for snacks or serving plates! I’m sure I’ll collect more in time to come (and other color ways).

Bonus points? Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks are all boasting big sales and include deals on these collections at the moment, so a great time to kickoff your own collection! Oh, and they’ve also got some great splatterware options…




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