Chic Trousers for Day and Night

As a magazine addict growing up, I anticipated a wide world of “work clothes” then “after work clothes” that would be happening in adulthood. Does anyone else remember all the fashion editorials around what to wear from 9-5 and how to transform to glamorous post-work outfits?

Outside of college and my early twenties, this was never actually my reality. Instead, work IS the thing to dress up for and to show my sartorial personality. The garments I invest in for my professional wardrobe bleed into my personal “off-duty” wear and vice versa…that is, outside of my extensive sweats collection, but we can discuss that another time 😉 If I’m doing something social, I’m likely coming straight from work anyways, so other than throwing on some lipstick, I’m wearing the same thing.

I recently shared a round-up of my favorites from the Sezane fall collection and ended up ordering these trousers as I thought they’d be perfect for work and beyond. And guess what? I’m in love! Say what you want, but I’ll always think high-waisted is the way to add polish and perfect a fit. I can let a shirt lay over it or tuck it in for more structure. I’ll likely get them hemmed a smidge but can’t say enough for how comfortable they are on.



I went with the size 2 in ecru (so I took their suggestion to size up 1 size) and it also comes in navy and gray. The latter two have more size availability at the moment, but make sure to also leverage their “alert me” option if you want to get on a waitlist!


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