Style Files: The Shacket

I’m always a moderate level of wary with trends as someone who is very deliberate about what I invest in, wear, and give closet space to. That said, there are trends very much worth leaning into and that have enduring appeal, and the 2020 style lover’s latest trend of the “Shacket” (i.e. shirt jacket) is one of those for me!

I’ve had my eye on this particular vintage one that I have certainly added to my cart more than once but ultimately looks like it might be too big on me…someone else, grab it so I can live through you!


Why the shacket feels timeless

It offers the functionality of a light-to-mid-weight coat, but with a softer, more romantic drape. The structure of coats can feel boxy, rigid, and overtly utilitarian, so I love that this offers a more flattering silhouette.


How to wear it

I particularly love the juxtaposition of these more utilitarian style jackets over feminine layers, offering a nice balance between the more delicate, feminine layers and rugged masculine topcoat…particularly when they near the length of a duster!

So don’t be afraid to layer these over dresses, skirts, and silk blouses for a balanced, unexpected combination.


A few of my current favorites, at a range of price-points

To start, a few favorite vintage options! One, Two, Three


For those asking, I ended up grabbing this one in this rich auburn color which I’m really loving! I’m just seeing now that it also comes in this longer jacket length, which is beautiful. I can’t promise I won’t also have to spring for a patterned one at some point down the road….


top image credits: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

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