Secondhand Home Finds: A New Series

(Room above by Heidi Caillier Design)

As hinted over on my Instagram stories, I had the brilliant idea for a new little series over here. I was hunting for a small-scale, handsome, and structural chair for my living room and was (as usual) finding troves of awesome stuff on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and NextDoor that I didn’t need BUT SOMEONE EFFING DOES. So I thought, how about I share the wealth?

Because the truth is, whether it’s because you have a crap budget or money is no object to you but you need something DIFFERENT and UNIQUE for your home, secondhand finds are the most sustainable and best way to achieve both for your home. Look at the photo above as evidence that vintage and modern mixed together truly create the best designed, most interesting spaces.

These unique finds were usually the bedrock of my biggest sales at my own shop back in Philadelphia, and they are the things I nerd out about. And since my new job severely limits my ability to partake in my favorite past-time of flea market shopping, I find myself perusing finds online alls the time. I can’t hoard it all, so I might as well share because I AM GENEROUS LIKE THAT. Also, Emily Henderson used to do similar Craigslist round-ups and I obvi loved them.

So get ready for an unfiltered tour of some good finds for the week. (And remember, I live in Boston, so these are all based in the Boston area.)

Vintage filing cabinet – $75

What a fabulous photo, am I right? Just kidding – obviously it sucks. PEOLPE, JUST WIPE THE LENS ON YOUR PHONE BEFORE YOU PHOTOGRAPH, sweet Jesus its so easy. Anyways: I do love the simple lines of this piece, the tone of the wood looks promising, and the original brass hardware is beautiful. This would make a handsome nightstand, but might be worth visiting before committing – its hard for me to tell if that is beautiful solid wood or cheapy and corporate looking. Otherwise, its gorge.


Pair of Italian Chairs – $150

A solid pair of Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair-inspired chairs. Would like awesome around a modern round-top bistro table — JUST TRUST.

Pair of Farmhouse Chairs – $50

Great lines, no? Handsome as is, or I can see them feeling fresh and modern in a black paint too.


Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Console Shelf – $400

Use as a console table, office organization, sofa table, whatever damn near anywhere to house your pretty books and pretty vases and framed photos. Not nothing at $400, but a good deal for a versatile piece from an upscale store.


Vintage Brass Lamp – $175

Again, not the best photos but that’s what you get on Craigslist so deal with it. As someone on the hunt for some awesome lighting for my living room, I can tell you that a unique and sculptural lamp is EXPENSIVE. So this unique one at $175 is a great deal. And like the seller says, “it stands at a MAJESTIC six feet tall.” When a seller can use verbage like “majestic,” I feel like they ought to be applauded for the goddamn amazing salesperson that they are.

Imagine, You are thinking to yourself: “Oh this is six feet tall? I don’t know…WAIT HOLD ON, it’s standing at a majestic six feet tall? GET IN MY GODDAMN HOUSE IMMEDIATELY.”


Set of Four Barstools – $120 (or $30 each)

Lord almighty, little gets me as bored as barstool shopping does. I love interiors and can persue and shop til I drop, but something about barstools make me feel like I’m deciding between which style q-tip to swab my ears with. Aren’t the all basically the same damn thing? Then I saw these Shaker style ones here – they got nice legs, and in turn I feel will make my legs look nice. And I’ll take all I can get in that department. $120 for the set but willing to negosh on selling them separately too.


Futon Sofa – $125

Not a bad option if you are in a starter apartment on a tight budget.


Pair of Danish Modern Chairs – $295

Holy mother of all that is good I want these. Reupholster them for a true transformation into a new tier of living that will make all your friends jealous. CANING IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.


Antique Cherry Settee Bench – $180

Look, I know I’ve lost some of you on this one. Some of you are all “holy frump, hellz no.” But hear me out. Those lines are good. Those details are amaze. That inlay is insane. And the wood tone is perfection. Just reupholster it. Sweet Jesus I wish I had a place for this in my home, this is the shit I LOVE.


Brass King Size Headboard – $199

I don’t think you need a wild imagination to see how crazy good this is.


Waterfall Front Vintage Dresser – Free

Ugh, there is a special place in my heart for waterfall front Art Deco pieces. I sold a couple of these pieces in my old storefront and always handed them off to the customer post-purchase begrudgingly because I secretly wanted to hoard them for myself forever. AND THIS ONE IS FREE-NINETY-NINE. Condition that wood and watch it come back to life. YOU ARE WELCOME.


Telephone Two Drawer Table – $35

A good clean up and swap out of hardware would make this a perfect anywhere table. Versatile pieces like this are the perfect addition to an otherwise modern space. Place a minimal lamp on the table and some create a vignette with some framed art above it and you’ve created a perfect little dose of character in your space…for $35 effing dollars.


Danish Modern Credenza and Bed – $395

Yep. If this was real estate, we would call this piece “turn key.” Dresser or media console of beauty.


Vintage Dresser – $30

New hardware and a couple coats of paint (a warm cream or white) would really transform this piece.


Pair of Thonet Chairs – $350

OMG yass queen. These tubular cantilever chairs are EVERYTHING. Those linesss: sexy with a capital S. Have these beauties professionally recovered, or throw some sheepskins over them and call it a damn day…your friends will be jealous. I WILL BE JEALOUS. Now invite me over for a drink.


Okay, that’s all for now folks. What do we think, do we like this new series? Should I make it a regular thang? Don’t act like you are too good to comment, I want your feedback bugaboos.


PS: Are you seeing the potential in these pieces but don’t quite know how to execute the full look? YOU CAN HIRE ME TO JUST DO THE WHOLE DAMN THING FOR YOU–either in person or through e-design. Your home will thank you 😉

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