Millay’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friends!

Pardon all the radio silence here and on Instagram: I’ve been taking on more work at my new job than I first anticipated (which is a great thing, I genuinely LOVE my new job as an interior designer and brand team leader at Room and Board) and have been working long days where I come home pooped. Throw in trying to get back on the workout horse in the mornings, catching up on cuddle time with General Gazpacho, adjusting to Will’s crazy new work schedule, and the fact that the sun actually goes down at 4pm here in New England, and I’ve been thrown into a new routine that I’m still adjusting too. I’ll get there, I promise 😉

But enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff, right?

My holiday shopping…

Even though I start early, I definitely have a few more people on my list to shop for. And I know I’m not alone! I hope this gift list will help spark some good ideas for you all! Don’t blame me if a few of these things end up on your own wishlist….lord knows many of them have been added to mine, haha.

I’ve made sure to source all of these from either from smaller shops or ethical and sustainable makers, and to still be considerate of slower, more deliberate purchases with quality materials. It is always wonderful if you can get up and out into your community to shop local, but online shopping is so wonderfully convenient these days, and these links still support quality goods, businesses, and makers (the one anomaly are those cashmere slippers…but they are a natural fiber). The goal is to take better steps in thoughtful shopping, and to not let stalwart perfection be the enemy of good 🙂



1. Vive La Resistance Scarf

For the loud and proud feminist, portions of proceeds from this Clare V. cotton scarf goes directly towards the Women’s March.

2. Vetiver & Moss Vegetable Wax Candle

By Zoet Bathlatier (for long-time Millay fans, you’ll remember that I carried this apothecary line in my old storefront). I know the maker Ilka Evans personally, who blends and pours each of these candles herself, and she absolutely nails each scent. Any candle lover will enjoy every minute of this burn, and you can find them at the local Boston gift shop Olives & Grace!

3. Sylvain Le Hen Barette

My friend Julia of the gorgeous shop Rennes introduced me to these barrettes and they immediately make a half or full-up ponytail feel romantic and polished. Super high quality yet with a delicate look, these are the only hair clips that actually hold my thick hair and haven’t broken on me. I’ve had mine for over a year now with constant wear — its always in my purse for bad hair day fixes!

4. Large Abalone Hoops

For the chicest ladies in your life, I’m still not over Shop Machete’s earrings. And don’t you dare let Regina George tell you that you can’t wear hoop earrings, girl!

5. Cashmere Slippers

Okay, are these bougie AF? Yes. My bestie bought me a pair of cashmere slippers a couple months back, and I literally let out an audible sigh of relaxation every time I slip my feet into them in the morning when I get out of bed and at night when I get home from work. So I’d say they’ve been a big hit 🙂

6. Set of Linen Napkins

Another maker I’m super familiar with having carried many of their things in my old storefront, notPERFECTLINEN makes the softest and loveliest linen wares around. My incredibly talented friend Alyssa launched her beautiful online shop Hoppe Shoppe and now carries these gorgeous mixed sets of linen napkins handmade by notPERFECTLINEN, which are an amazing value for the price!

7. All Natural Refillable Follain Soap

100% toxin free, heavenly aromas, refillable, and lovely on the counter to boot! Follain is a local to Boston all natural skincare boutique that has been expanding into new cities (woohoo!). I’ve used this soap for years and love that it can be used on hands, body, dishes, counters, dogs, hand washing laundry….basically anything. Even my husband is addicted to the smell. A perfect little gift for many, I’ve grabbed these for a few family members already!

8. Soft Wool Waffle Beanie

A cozy hat is a solid go-to, and this one is the perfect balance of cute without being too-cutesy.

9. Osea Vitamin C Probiotic Polish

For the skincare lover, this exfoliant has been on my own wishlist. Vegan friendly, all natural, and brightening. This would also be an awesome self-care gift for new moms and overworked friends who could use a little spa filled “me” time!

10. Custom Planner by Golden Coil

Introduce that Type-A goaldigger in your life to these gorgeous and brilliant custom planners to score all the points! They pick their cover, page layout, and beginning and end dates.

11. San Cristobal Wall Hanging

Handcrafted in Chile, I love how this minimal, geometric piece lends itself to a number of styles as an art piece.

12. Simple Matters by Erin Boyle

One of my favorite reads this year, hands down. An excellent guide to how to live life a bit more minimally and sustainably, in bite-size and approachable ways, alongside home decor inspiration. Much more than just a pretty cover by thoughtful blogger Erin Boyle of Reading my Tea Leaves.

13. Makeup Bag Set

Handcrafted in Argentina from slow-living staple brand Cuyana, this little makeup ditty is the perfect treat. They can be used to store makeup at home, in your bag on the go, and for traveling. These have personally been on my own wishlist forever and strike me as the kind of the thing someone might be hesitant to splurge on for themselves but would love to receive. Does that make sense? Comes in a myriad of colors, too.

14. Washable Silk Sleep Set

Thermo-regulating machine washable (!) silk sleep set by Lunya, which promises to not only help you sleep better but to actually offer you a more restorative rest, whatever that means. Either way, a luxe and lovely sleep set always feels like an indulgent and thoughtful gift in my eyes! After all, sleeping is almost everyone’s favorite activity, according to General Gazpacho. 😉


Now raise your hand and tell me which of you are finished with all your holiday shopping and which of you is most decidedly not?



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