Our Home: Main Bedroom Progress with Garnet Hill

Bed Window View of Main Bedroom

Our Home: Main Bedroom Progress with Garnet Hill

Take a look at the progress this main bedroom space has made with the help of all the right textures and bedding from Garnet Hill, alongside the few foundational pieces we’ve chosen and fallen in love with. As a reminder, here is the vision I started with, in case you missed it!

The number one thing we were excited about getting for this bedroom was our very first king sized bed. This room is so much bigger than any other we’ve lived in (we spent the first 9 years of our marriage sharing a full sized bed…with a deceptively space-taking chihuahua between us)! Our second floor is a converted attic, and I love all the character that gives each room: little doorways that reveal extra storage, angled ceilings creating cozy nooks, and pop out window bays – it’s truly the sweetest and we are very lucky that the previous owners did an incredible job laying an excellent foundation. The warm, dark wood floors are a dream!

garnet hill bedding

With those angled ceilings, I knew I wanted a lower bed frame for us. And truth be told, Gazpacho is getting older (he just turned ten and I need him to live forever, so let’s just say middle-aged and not senior, okay??) and isn’t as comfortable jumping up and down from taller surfaces like he used to be — and we love letting him sleep on the bed with us so gravitating to a height that also easily worked for him was a nice perk.

I also love a more Scandinavian-minimalist look and want to lean more into that design philosophy, so a simple but well-designed low upholstered bed frame is what we wanted. After much research, I decided on this one from Rove Concepts (in the “Alesund” fabric) and while I had to hold my breath from the mixed reviews, I can confidently say we love the bed and had an all around fantastic experience with them – so highly recommend. And FYI, this is the mattress we went with (in 8″ depth) and I also give it to thumbs up for side sleepers!

With the bed in place, the next most important thing to me was getting our bedding in place. No matter what other progress we were planning for, a perfect place to tuck ourselves in at night was immediately needed to make us feel at home! You guys know at this point that I always turn to Garnet Hill for my bedding…and frankly I’ve tried a couple competitors over the years and they just don’t measure up to the feeling of luxury and quality I get from GH bedding.

Turning to them was a no brainer, and with our upgrade to a king size bed we needed everything from the ground up: pillows, sheets, a down comforter, duvet cover, and extra blanket to use later for colder months of New England weather.

Let me cut to the chase and share links to exactly what we got! A couple months into sleeping with them, and we are in heaven. The comforter is the perfect weight and temperature-regulating (Will sleeps cold, G and I sleep very hot and we both stay comfy), and the linen duvet cover gives me that softly-rumpled, elegant European luxury I was looking for.

Garnet Hill has made me a believer in cotton sateen sheets – there is nothing like crawling under them after freshly shaving your legs (just me??). I also love that their fitted sheets always have helpful discreet tags that read “top” and “bottom” so you don’t get annoyingly mixed up when remaking your bed. It’s always the little things that set quality goods apart, my friends.

Other sources from our progress so far are shared below. (Plus you can always shop pieces from my home and search by room here!)

A few of you have already asked me about our bedside lamps – both were second-hand finds (the marble based one was $8 at a flea market and the ceramic base lamp was $5 from a thrift store!) with Restoration Hardware tapered shades to give them an updated touch. Let me know if you have any other questions below – excited to share more as this space and our home continues to unfold!

All bedding is compliments of Garnet Hill, a long time supporter and partner of Millay Studio, which always leaves me tickled pink because regardless of that status, I’d buy their linens a million times over. Products were compliments of GH, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the partners we love!

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