Leveling Up: Our Kitchen Refresh

I’m cosmically writing this on the evening of the first day of spring, a day I count down to all winter long. If you’ve been paying close attention over the past couple of months, you may have noticed that I’ve been passing the winter time away by painting nearly every surface in my home…including the kitchen cabinets, which was the cherry on top of lots of cosmetic tweaks we’ve made to transform this space. 

Thinking back to nearly two years ago when we first moved in, the kitchen has come such a long way—we’ve layered in new pendants, changed out the backsplash, brought in a couple new appliances, and now have painted the cabinets the perfect fresh yet timeless color and swapped out all the hardware. It’s been a complete vibe shift and puts such a smile on our face.

Putting a bow on it all is adding the final layers: some entertaining essentials and a rug. It’s insane how much a little 3×5 rug grounds this space and makes it feel both homey and complete. I’ve got everything I need here to get the spritzes flowing and get this spring party started! 


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