Interior Inspiration: Scandinavian Minimalism with Antique Flair

Minimal kitchen + living room

Interior Inspiration: Scandinavian Minimalism with Antique Flair

Starting the year fresh with interior inspiration to get all our minds inspired and ideas spurning! I tend to have a hard time describing the interior design style I strive for, but the closest I’ve come is Scandinavian Minimalism with Antique Flair. And this home I stumbled across exudes just that articulation so well.

It’s very, very hard to strike the balance of clean-lined, modern, elevated yet minimal while staying warm, inviting, and infusing some character and charm. I think the latter comes from hitting just the right color palettes and mixing modern + vintage / antique elements with interesting silhouettes while embracing the art of negative space.

There is a lot in this home that really inspires me, and as like-minded friends, I wanted to share!

corner bedroom with accent chair


I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a dark, dramatic chocolate brown theme in our bedroom and this is serving major inspiration in how simple yet dramatic and utterly elegant this is. I love when design subtly breaks rules like this, like the bold mixing of black and brown and using large oversized lamps on undersized tables/benches on each bedside.


bedroom curtain wall


An ornate chandelier and tonal curtains add dimension and texture to an otherwise very simple, understated room…a perfect escape, in my opinion.


built in kitchen cabinets


I love a vintage built-in moment like this and I’ve come to reallllly lust over custom cabinetry for their streamlined, recessed lines and maximized storage. I’m looking to get our lower kitchen cabinets painted this year and love the seamlessness of keeping the same color on the cabinets as the walls….taking notes.


side view of kitchen


I’m super intrigued by the counters and backsplash here, which look like a potential budget-friendly option. I’m guessing it is oxidized copper? Also keeping a mental note on the built-in oven and stove top versus a range: I love how sleek it keeps this small kitchen looking…not to mention the hidden built-in fridge. Major heart eyes for these thoughtful details that keep this kitchen unfussy, elevated, yet approachable.



I am FOREVER in love with a push out window. This is a supreme wishlist item for me.



I love how impactful that one restrained, arched accent chair adds to this whole space. The kitchen and living room frankly have a lot of traditional/transitional elements, but this one avant-garde piece brings a modern counterbalance to the entire space.

Further, the warm wall colors and touches of walnut somehow keeps this rugless home feeling warm and inviting….this is so hard to achieve, but as someone who has just adopted two pups that need house-training, this is inspiring me that going sans rug can be a deliberate design decision.



That tiny art piece over the sofa juxtaposed against the two oversized abstract artwork on the adjacent wall is perfectly played.


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Original home tour source: Coco Lapine Design via Historiska Hem

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