Getting our Home Holiday Ready

Getting Our Home Holiday Ready

I’ve come a long way these past few years as far as decorating for the winter holidays…I was a bit of a grinch about it all for a while since traditions and the holidays weren’t a huge part of my childhood. But this year — with the recent loss of our best buddy little Gazpacho — infusing this bit of warmth for a season that is meant to slow us down, take pause, and cherish the things we hold dear feels downright therapeutic.

While I know people are very fervently in love with real Christmas trees (my husband included), I decided to spring for a faux one to save us from a few debacles we had with past real trees (ahem falling over, spilling water everywhere, scraping up our walls and breaking its stand on the way down). Honestly, this was so easy to get up in an afternoon, there is no going back for me — and I foresee it lasting many years, now that we have the perk of a house with basement storage. Hanging the ornaments, stocking, and setting out candles is the part I like best anyway.

A few of my favorite holiday staples are things I’ve collected over the years from Garnet Hill, with a few new additions this year, including these incredible special velvet and linen stockings that I had monogrammed with Will, Gazpacho, and I’s names. G’s came about a week before he passed away, so I would be lying if it didn’t bring a large wave of tears bringing it out and knowing I was planning on stuffing it with his favorite toys and treats. The grief is still really overpowering, but ultimately, he was my absolute favorite part of Christmas because he loved ripping through wrapping paper and LOVED new toys — so I wanted to hang it in tribute to him and the good memories it reminds us of. I also found this darling picture frame ornament at a local pet shop and these two things make me feel like we have a way of still showing him our love and including him in one of his favorite days.

I’m just trying to take it slow and get into the rhythm of a new normal, and I was surprised how much it helped to get this cozy holiday decor up. It’s a reminder to me that surrounding ourselves with things that hold meaning and are special is a really powerful thing, and the glow and sparkle of these holiday momentos helped bring some warmth back into our quiet space.

Sharing the things that created this look below. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a lovely end of the year!

Velvet & Linen Stockings

gifted via Garnet Hill | I had ours personalized with our names using their “Style 19 Proper” text style in the Taupe color and love them. The taupe is much more subdued in person, which I actually really prefer – I know these will be a forever part of our holiday tradition now to hang them every year!

Preserved Boxwood Garland

gifted via Garnet Hill | we were actually gifted this beautiful preserved garland last year, then rolled it up for storage and brought it out again this year — to my surprise, it looks just as fantastic as it did last year. I love how it just easily sits atop our mantle. Last year, I used it along the top of a credenza, which was a lovely alternative option for those without a mantle!

Farmhouse Pottery Glass Candle Hurricanes

gifted via Garnet Hill | as an admitted candle glow addict, these are a no brainer and are appropriate to enjoy year round.

Picture Frame Ornament

I found ours at a local shop and they unfortunately don’t have an online shop (but it’s called Paws on Charles and is such a cute pet spot for you locals!). This similar version from Pottery Barn seems just as sweet if you are looking to do the same for your fur baby as we did for our sweet Gazpacho.

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