Getting Organized: Our Pantry

January always puts me in the mood to declutter, organize, and deep clean every thing around the house, and this year in particular I feel like I’m in overdrive trying to bring more serenity and organization to our home (we can thank my recent purchase of this book for kicking me into high-gear 😂).

Quite honestly, the end of 2022 left me feeling burned out and uninspired. But I fully believe in the power of resetting one’s surroundings to refresh our minds. So I’ve just been turning up the Taylor Swift on the speakers and leaving no corner untouched in our home right now, and I’ve been feeling so much more empowered and like my old self again!

Something that gets my inner Monica Gellar giddy is not only organizing a space but making it more efficient. Having lived in a number of cities in small apartments throughout my twenties and even now in our modest sized home, space is always of the essence and being smart with every square inch makes all the difference in its usability and ability to spark joy.

Yamazaki Home makes the loveliest organization bins (I even used a number of their pieces as props when merchandising my old store) and I recently revamped the cabinet we’re using as our pantry with a few of their pieces to be way more efficient and useful. Now every time I open these doors, it’s super easy to find what I need and everything has its rightful place. Cheers to my fellow neat freaks who understand the pure joy of this!



I used a mix of their metal and wood baskets (all of which have soft discreet pads on their underside so they don’t scratch any surfaces) alongside some super handy airtight containers I found on Amazon and also love. I’ll link everything for you below!



What I used to organize our pantry:



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