Form Meets Function: A Stylish Bookbag Roundup

For those of you who don’t know, I actually offer wardrobe consultation services, where I can help curate your closet by culling the unnecessary and/or articulating gaps that need to be filled.

I was recently approached and asked to put together book bag options by a residential interior designer. She works in the city, commuting around town for client meetings and design sourcing, which means she lugs around a lot of plans as well as fabric and material samples. She also commutes on bike when she can, so her preference is for back packs rather than purses and tote bags.

And that got me thinking: backpacks aren’t really my own personal style, but they certainly fill a very pragmatic need, and it’s not easy to find a stylish one that still works with professional outfits and keeps your work organized!

I figured this client surely wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from a little back pack round up of options, so here’s a little glimpse at part of what I put together!


Sources from mood board

(*Also featured, Rennes Seduri Backpack – bottom right. I personally own one of her Gretel tote bags and cannot praise the quality or beauty enough! An investment piece for sure, but handmade in Massachusetts and incredibly substantial.)


Under $150




Vegan-friendly options



So that’s my quick round-up! Do any of you opt for back packs rather than shoulder style purses? If so, what do you carry and how does it work for you? While I mentioned that I’m more of a handbag or shoulder bag gal myself, I did save all my pennies for a Kate Spade nylon backpack as a teenager…which felt very Cher from Clueless. The nineties have truly come back, haven’t they?

Thanks for reading!


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