Beginnings of Spring in Boston


If there is anything I have learned as a Southern transplant to New England: we have EARNED our warm weather. We pay some heavy dues in the winter, and once the tide turns and warmth starts to creep in, we CELEBRATE it big time!

And that is my favorite thing of all about Boston. We truly experience and love every season, and there is a real differentiation between each of them.

While I wouldn’t say the sun has been a-shining all too much, nor are many things in bloom, the very beginnings of Spring are starting to show themselves. And I’m ready to get out there and enjoy it all!


Keep scrolling if you want outfit details and links!



Nothing makes me feel more like a lame person than using my Instagram husband to snap some photos around Beacon Hill, but as you can see by some of these fuzzy, not so professional photos, I’m not really one for taking a million photos and getting them perfect when I’m in front of the lens. I’m more of a “ahh, just take a couple and lets move on I feel so lame!” much like when you are five years old and all “god Mom, this is so EMBARASSSSSING!”.

As I’m getting older, though, years quickly blend together, and I do really appreciate looking back and seeing what I was wearing and doing and loving in a certain span of time. And if I don’t force myself to do things like this, I don’t have these things documented.

And as someone who loves clothes and my own journey of style, I like looking back and seeing what worked, didn’t work, and what is worth investing in with some personal snapshots.

My goal moving forward is to try to get more photos with Will and General Gazpacho, because I think we all see enough of my face around here. So I guess i should start toting a selfie stick, I guess? Might as well just take shameless to a whole new level, haha.




I got so many compliments on this top over on my IG stories, which I scored for $15 (!!) via Poshmark. I LOVE how the second-hand market is booming right now, as it is an incredibly sustainable way to keep clothing out of landfills and to economically refresh one’s closet with unique finds!

And while I am super particular about what I invest my money in clothing-wise by sticking to all natural fabrics and/or companies whose mission I support (as I deeply believe that where we give our dollars is vitally important in creating change), I do give myself a little more leniency to nab pieces containing synthetic fibers or that are “Made in China” when I grab them second-hand. Synthetics are usually what allow a garment to hold a little bit of structure and shape, like these ruched, billowing sleeves, so I let myself enjoy or experience those elements of fashion through the consignment and thrift market.


Outfit details:


top | Found via Poshmark, by Boston Proper. Here is a link to the exact top for one of you lucky boos, and I’m linking to some similar options below!

bottoms | Imogene & Willie Elizabeth natural white denim (not currently carried, but here are a pair in their Josette fit with the same natural wash). Linking similar options below! (I just ordered this Madewell pair today, because white jeans are a personal favorite…and I’ve outgrown my Jesse Kamm sailors 😭)

bag | Clare V. This bag always makes my outfits feel way more chic, and I’m sad they don’t make it anymore. Linked some amazing similar options below!

shoes | gifted from Toms. The first day I wore these heels, I walked over four MILES around the city with zero complaints or blisters…I genuinely love them.

sunglasses | my go-to pair from Ray Ban, I take them with me everywhere and even had my Rx put in them.




Cheers to your arrival, Spring, and to all the lovely outfits and jaunts around town to come!



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