Favorite Summer Throws

When my best friend (and über talented interior designer) asked me for some recent advice on a good throw blanket for her living room, I was more than happy to snoop around and window shop to satiate my own intense desire to buyall the things for my own home. And of course, I’m always flattered when someone with great taste on their own wants me to weigh in with some options (because we all benefit from fresh eyes from time to time) – and why keep all those goodies to myself when I can share my favorite finds here?

As somewhat of a minimalist myself, I’m a big fan of being very deliberate about the purchase of your throw: one that aesthetically fits into the color scheme of your home and upholstery, can look good folded up on neat days or left crumpled up on the sofa after a solid nap-sesh, easy enough to take care of, and made of natural fibers to allow for maximum coziness and breathability. I’m a big advocate of selecting just one or two throws to use all the time—one for warmer months and one for colder months (although I run cold so one good cozy throw serves my needs year-round) rather than a basket full of mediocre “trendy” impulse buy throws. Same goes for accent pillows, which I feel like a lot of bloggers and designers like to suggest swapping out constantly to keep your space looking fresh. No thanks, too expensive and too easy to fall into the trap of constantly grabbing cheaply constructed ones every time Target releases a new collaboration.

Another rant for another time and perhaps another round up of my favorite pillows for another post that will endure the need to constantly swap them out.

Here’s a round-up of the best throw blankets I found at a variety of price-points. All but one of them is hand-loomed with all natural fibers, and some that are organic. That Philipe is a little bit of a wild-card for my more neutral-loving self, but I had to throw in at least one vibrant, fun punch of pattern and color, right? Enjoy!

  1. Alpaca Lightweight Striped Summer Throw, $295 *

  2. Philipe Pom Pom Throw, $72

  3. Alpaca Lightweight Oatmeal Summer Throw, $295 *

  4. Lattice Japanese Loom Blanket *

  5. Hand-loomed Linen Riverwalk Throw, $128 *

  6. Stripe Alpaca Cloud Throw, $360 *

  7. Single Wool Verbana Throw, $155 *

  8. Cotton Beachcomber Throw, $128 *

  9. Striped Turkish Blanket, $110 *

  10. Cotton Quilted Seafair Throw, $148 *

  11. Mendocino Indigo Linen Throw, $168 *

  12. Abstract Flowers Cotton Throw, $108 *

* all natural fibers

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