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The week before we packed our bags in Philly and moved here to Boston, we snuck away to one of our favorite places in Pennsylvania: Longwood Gardens. We had met a lovely photographer at a grand opening party for CB2 a few months before, and she mentioned she was hoping to expand her photography portfolio to include more anniversary sessions. Right then I thought, while I take so many photos for the shop and social media (and so does my boo Will, who is super talented!), we rarely find ourselves in FRONT of the camera together – and honestly, its been YEARS since we’ve had any really special photos of just us. So we decided right then to do a session before we left Philadelphia, as a token to remember our time there, and as a special little gift to ourselves.

This month actually marks our eight year wedding anniversary (I mean, WHAT?!), so when these photos hit my inbox from Celia, the timing felt so perfect. Will and I met in college, dated throughout, then got married shortly after we graduated–and while that sounds young and crazy to most, I feel so lucky that I found my person so early in life. We’ve walked through a lot of changes, supported each other during the toughest grinds of our professions, found and rescued the kookiest little pooch along the way, and have just GROWN together. I wake up everyday with my best friend, I went through my twenties with him by my side nearly every damn step of the day, and our adventure together still feels so new and exciting.

Obviously I’m a girl that loves flowers, like LOVES walking amongst them, picking them apart, staring at them for hours. And Will loves greenhouses, he loves observing people in candid moments – he has a way of picking out super ordinary moments, and appreciating them for the candid magic that they are. And we would escape away to this garden any chance we could for those exact moments together during our years in Philly – so I love that we get to have such a special place frozen in time with these snapshots. My awkward haircut and all. Plus Will is glad to have his beard commemorated, which I personally am happy to say has since been shaved off for his new job, haha. Sorry!

It actually started raining basically five minutes into us arriving, and it was unseasonably chilly this day, but that is marriage and that is life guys. You show up in your best attire, hair did, nails polished, and it effing rains on you. You just gotta decide to have some fun regardless, and enjoy the moment. And that’s what we did!

Thank you Celia for the beautiful photos, and thank you to my boo for walking through life with me. NOW CAN WE GET A PHOTO SESH WITH GENERAL GAZPACHO ASAP?!

My outfit: dress by Kelly Love originally from the Millay shop, jacket is vintage, shoes by Llani

Venue: Longwood Gardens (if you live anywhere near here, take the time to visit, you will not regret it!)

Photography: c/o Celia Ragonese

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