What to Buy from Lulu and Georgia’s Anniversary Sale

Have you all heard of Lulu and Georgia? It’s a name most interior designers know, but isn’t quite mainstream enough that everyone knows of them. As you know, I’m slowly putting our home together, and after moving from Philadelphia to this new place of ours in Boston with very little in tow furniture and decor wise, I’m constantly window shopping at a bunch of places, putting together ideas and mental wishlists. Lulu and Georgia is one of the places I’ve clicked over to a lot lately.

They have a variety of price points, and I love that they offer installment payments. And once a year they host an anniversary sale, where everything is 25% off with free shipping. I went ahead and rounded up some of my favorites in case you want to take a mosey!


From left to right, top to bottom:

Guys, I have a hard time staring at a million lamp options and not getting bored. This one DOES NOT bore me whatsoever. It makes me feel immediately cool while still maintaining a very timeless appeal. And now that I know how much lamps can freaking cost, this is really a pretty great price!

YASSSS. I’m in the deep throws of accent chair shopping, trying to find the perfect handsome thang for our living room to balance out our classic and slightly feminine tufted sofa. This one is checking some serious boxes for me! Throw a little sheepskin on there in colder months and make someone bring a hot toddy while you binge watch Gossip Girl again. Wait…did this somehow become about me again? Whoops!

  • Leyla Mug | $72 for set of four ($54 with discount)

I love the organic shape of this and that little divot for your thumb! Comes in a really subtle and beautiful pale blush too, with super pretty matching plates. COME TO MAMA.

Not cheap, but really a beautiful abstract piece of art with amazing colors. And after having just spent this for a limited print by an artist I love (I’ll share more later), I can go ahead and tell you that this is actually a pretty decent price for an original work of art FRAMED, on a canvas, and ready to hang!

Um, in my opinion $260 is an excellent price for something this beautiful, multi-functional, and made with real leather. And then after the discount? Get out of here. I’m freaking adding it to my basket, to be completely honest!

This is still very much aspirational for me, but I’m in love with this light and wish we could afford it for over our kitchen table. So if this is in your budget, grab it – the discount brings it done considerably and it is beautiful. Then invite me over so I can pet it and love it. (And also, drinks are on you my friend.)

Hello dahling, you are gorgeous. I will take the option to pay this off over 9 months at $187/month please and thank you.

This tray is completely speaking my language. Made with all natural fibers, its a woven raffia and seagrass blend, and then the graphic black that makes it pop and keeps it interesting is dyed with organic dyes. Love it!

I can see this working well in an office, an entryway, behind a sofa, or as a media console! Super lovely and adds a nice touch of natural warmth while still staying streamlined.


Which of these do you love the most? Any favorites I didn’t include? Any of you ever ordered from Lulu and Georgia? I haven’t yet, so I’m curious how the experience went!

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