What I’m Coveting…

Confession: I’m known to digitally window shop Net-A-Porter a lot, dreaming up super chic outfits and parties I can go to if my budget were truly unlimited. More than that though, their magazine Porter is essentially the only fashion magazine I subscribe to anymore because they really know their stuff, and it often sparks lots of ideas on how to reinvent things in my own closet or give an updated styling to thrift store finds.

While they are an upscale (i.e. expensive) retailer, they do have a couple clearance events every year where you can find incredible designer staples or special pieces for your wardrobe at reasonable prices. A few years ago, I had my eye on a Saint Laurent silk scarf that I tried on in their Manhattan flagship, and putting it on instantly gave me this feeling that I had my shit together: that I had made it. I went home, bookmarked it online, and six months later it hit their annual clearance event at 60% off, and so I invested in it and it is now such a special piece of my wardrobe. Every time I wear it, I feel put together and powerful, like I’m Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada and just underwent my secret Vogue closet makeover. You hear?

So I did a deep dive through their 50 or so pages of clearance items (ahem: some of which qualify for an extra 20% off!) and teased out some of my favorites that hit that sweet spot of feeling stylish but classic. I also only selected pieces constructed with natural fibers or products, since I think it is each of our responsibilities to do our best to eliminate synthetic fibers from our closets. So I bring you my favorites, with linens, silks, and cashmere–oh my!



Do any of you have those special pieces you’ve invested in that signify something greater for you? I know clothing isn’t necessarily everyone’s love language, but I’m a textile lover (it’s an addiction). After all, until recently where I’ve pivoted more into interiors, I’d built my career on clothing from great designers of the past and present. So can you blame me for this weakness? After upgrading my old online shop Millay Vintage from a part-time gig to a full blown, full time job, I treated myself to a classic trench coat—something I had promised myself after graduating college that I would do when I felt like I’d reached my first real career accolade. Then after opening my own brick-and-mortar shop Millay in Philadelphia, I treated myself to that aforementioned YSL scarf. Then, when my shop hit its three year anniversary and was awarded with a Best of Philly award, I treated myself to a nice watch.

Life isn’t about the things we own or buy, that I know. But thinking about these special pieces that are classic go-tos as investment pieces that you’ll wear forever (and even if you don’t will retain their value in case you need to resell) conjures up an old-school feeling of how we were meant to shop. Fewer, better, and a splurge here and there to celebrate the big moments in life.

*this post was not at all sponsored or in partnership with net-a-porter, I’m simply sharing the things that I love. I do make a small commission if you shop from the links I’ve provided as a way to support this blog. merci!


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