Surprisingly Good Home Depot Outdoor Finds


Surprisingly Good Home Depot Outdoor Finds

#SuburbanMaryGoesFullForce has arrived and is not leaving, it seems. My weekends are happily full of either: 1. outdoor projects or 2. enjoying my backyard by basking in the sunlight with a spritzer and our blow up pool (which remains the best $50 I’ve ever spent).

Our past several weekends have been spent hitting up the Home Depot for supplies for a few backyard DIY projects we took on, and our most recent trip this weekend has left me VERY impressed with their outdoor decor items!

I grabbed this large planter for out tomato plant and have to say it looks at least 3x the price it is and I love that it is freeze proof (RIP to all the beautiful planters I lost over the winter that broke apart from the sub-zero temps). It also comes in an even larger size, so I might need to grab a few more to layer into our newly laid pea gravel corner. We also grabbed these gorgeous cafe lights that I’ve been dying to adorn our yard with and they are now fulfilling all my evening al fresca fantasies (the price of $12 a pack this weekend is also INSANE so run, don’t walk.). Sharing my full round up below — the side tables and bistro table and cafe chairs are all chef’s kiss!

Enjoy — xx.


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