Simple Pleasures: Four Under $20 Purchases that Elevate My Everyday

Simple Pleasures: Four Under $20 Purchases that Elevate My Everyday

Look, I’m all about those little moments of pampering that lend that extra bit of *special* to our days….and while a lot of times, that means indulging in expensive extravagances that make it easy to say no to gifting yourself, I’ve found a few inexpensive yet very effective things that have made a big difference in the enjoyment of my day to day. I call these my simple pleasures, and thought I ought to put them on your radar!

Here are four things under $20 that I’ve been using for the past several months that have totally and completely elevated my everyday.

“Soft Cotton” Pillar Candles

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautifully branded, jarred scented candle as much as the next girl, but I can’t help but feel like all those glass jars get wasteful. For my everyday scent around the house, these pillar candles can’t be beat! Ranging from $5-$16, I get them in every size and pepper them around the house in various vessels. Everyone is always asking me what I’m burning – this scent is Target’s best kept secret, IMO.

USB Powered Coffee Mug Warmer

As someone who lives on coffee throughout the work day, I would end up rewarming my coffee in the microwave fairly often. You could say I’ve been Ember curious for a while, but didn’t want to have to use their mug (because like any discerning person, I’m v particular about my mugs). This one works like a dream, is just under $20 with the 30% coupon it lets you apply in-page, and lets you use your own mugs! It has two heat settings to keep your drink either warm or hot. A GAME CHANGER.

Shower Scalp Massager

This was an impulse buy at TJMaxx a few months back (linking a very similar option) and oh my gosh are my showers next-level now. I apply my shampoo as usual then scrub my scalp and massage my roots with this. It helps exfoliate your scalp, encourage hair growth/circulation, and frankly just feels like a really nice massage, just like you’re at the spa. I use this every single shower now and don’t know how I spent 33 years of my life without this.

Set of 6 White Washcloths

The greatest thing I’ve done for my skincare/self care routine lately has been getting a couple packs of these white washcloths. Every time I wash my face I use a fresh washcloth and it’s amazing how pampering that feels! I actually apply the facewash all about my face, then wet and wring out a washcloth to cleanse my face with. Try it, you’ll never go back (and these cotton 6 packs are only $3 each!).

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to make room for secret daily treats for yourself. xx

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  1. Emily says:

    Love this roundup of simple luxuries. And my dry winter scalp is so excited to try that shower scalp massager! Thanks for sharing, Mary.

    • Mary says:

      Yay Emily – trust me, you will love! My quality of life went up a point once I put that in my shower 😉 xo

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