Riding the Wave: Bath Accessories Starting at $12


The sweetest tiny details can make you fall in love with a room and enjoy being in it, don’t you think? The way light puddles onto a set of shelves, the perfect accent lamp that makes you smile every time you turn it on, a blanket that holds lots of memories that you fold at the base of your bed…those are the things that create moments of comfort and beauty around you. And as I always say, beauty is truly whatever brings you joy.

I came across a great example of this a few weeks ago: this lovely little bathroom set.  None of these items on their own steal the room, but the curved, colored edges of these simple porcelain pieces add a nice dose of whimsy to where every they’d sit. Yes, they make for great bathroom accessories, but I also don’t shy away from thinking beyond their initial intended setting. That soap dish (only $12!) could also be a darling trinket tray on a bedside table or a business card holder on a desk. The tumbler feels like the perfect spot to house your toothbrush and toothpaste, or to pop a few fresh cut blooms from the garden or as a pen holder.

Functional home items that are thoughtfully considered and beautifully made are like little nuggets of gold. The basic items you touch everyday should be the items that spark joy whenever your eyes land on them…I have a feeling any of these pieces would do just that, so I had to share. Enjoy!



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