Retail Therapy with Net-A-Porter


There is a lot going on, a lot to process, and many things racing through my mind these days that are way more important than clothing and shopping. I do hope to share more of my thoughts, hopes, and actions, but also am taking a beat to churn it all over in mind, have the important conversations about blindspots, growth, and allyship with those closest to me. But, as someone recently reminded me: we contain multitudes, and finding some sense of balance between all the heavy things and moments of fun is okay.

So, when the Net-A-Porter 50% off sale email hit my inbox, it sent me down a rabbit hole of “window shopping” and reminded me that putting outfits together and sifting through finds was a nice mental escape for me — and maybe for you guys too?

There are so many swoon-worthy things majorly marked down, including lots of dresses from Sleeper (who I recently shared my love for in this post), lots of shoes from another personal favorite maker By Far, and luxe stapes by Vince and even the rarely marked-down Lauren Manoogian. Here’s a round-up of my favorites from the sale, whether you are in the mood to actually shop, or simply wanting a little window-browsing inspiration!



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