My Closet: Recent Spring Style Purchases

It’s the most glorious season of the year: Spring! Every single year, my depressed winter soul bursts into The Hills Are Alive With the Sound Of Music levels of pure joy when the temperature rises into the 70s and the sun starts setting after 6pm. WE MADE IT!

Many of you know that I rotate my wardrobe seasonally. From doing this, I knew I wanted to layer in some freshness to my core pieces this year and wanted to share the ones I went with and am so excited about! I’m planning to photograph me actually wearing them, but I noticed a few of these things already selling out and wanted to quickly share my faves with you all.

I’m also trying to share more over on my LTK page and wanted to share a new-to-me fact: if you “favorite” any of the items from any photo (ex. that dress), the app will alert you if and when it ever goes on sale. Cool, right? Same with any of my home posts as well — had to pass that hot tip along.

That’s all for now…happy spring to all!



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