My 2020 Home Goals

My 2020 Home Goals - Millay Blog


A big focus for me at the start of 2020 was creating a detailed budget to better understand where each and every dollar of our paychecks go (and should go) this year. Doing this got me really thinking about the two categories that I most enjoy: interiors and my wardrobe.

While I try to always approach purchases for my home and closet with a lot of thoughtfulness and deliberation, I wanted to go a step further by creating broader goals for the year. Having these goals in mind will make it easier to keep my eyes on the prize and eliminate tempting distractions!

This exercise has already gotten me super excited: I now know what projects to garner inspiration, budget out, and save up for. Let the inspiration hunting begin!

After much thought and discussion, here are the home goals  I’ve set for 2020:

Kitchen: When we first moved in, we had all the cabinets painted and swapped out all the hardware, which made a nice big impact to start off. This year, we hope to complete the overhaul with new counters and backsplash, a new range, and pretty faucet. I’ve gone back and forth on exactly what stones, options, and finishes I think would work best (soapstone? marble? quartz?) so I definitely have lots of finessing to do on the inspiration side. This will be fun!

Living Room:  I’m really happy with how our living room has come together since we’ve moved in, so I’ll be focusing on a few finishing touches like a new floor lamp, shades for the windows for some privacy, and potentially a spotlight over our mantle. So just a few fun touches and accessories to rotate in!

Bathroom: This one is the biggie. Our bathroom is tiny and while it functions decently, we think there is a lot more we could do to modernize it and make the space more efficient. Doing so, though, will require a complete tear-down and redo, and will be our first experience with any type of remodel, which I’m both nervous and excited about! As such, it will be a big investment, so we’ll spend most of this year saving up to hopefully kick the project off right at the start of 2021!

In the meantime, there will be plenty of inspiration prep, materials sourcing, and code referencing that needs to happen, which will also give us a budget idea to save up for. I’m already bookmarking things left and right!

Secondary goal: The above goals will likely be enough to keep us tied up for the year, but I’ve left room for the possibility of a light refresh in our second bedroom that we are using as an office. Things like a new desk (hoping for the right vintage/antique find!), new paint, and some upgraded window shades are what would be most likely to happen in there if I stumble across the right desk.


I’ll be sharing my style goals for 2020 soon, and in the meantime, if you have any bathroom/kitchen renovation tips, please send them my way!


Also, for those of you who are interested, I’ve completely cleaned up and redesigned my shop pages! You can now shop my home with direct links to the exact items without limitation to whether or not they are from an affiliate source (so this includes small shops, independent artists, etc.) which I wasn’t able to do before. Excited to have that update! Hope you all enjoy!



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