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Lately, I’ve been trying to spend less time scrolling around on Instagram and instead trying to redirect my attention to be more present: more present at work, on dates, and in my free time. As such, I thought it might be nice to create a landing pad for little momentos from life to bookmark for myself and share with you all after the fact so I’m not interrupting moments to post as things happen…and hence this new series. I hope these snapshots provide some calm and inspiration!


above: sweet anniversary gifts that completely made my weekend | a beautiful arrangement of flowers, a new book I’ve long had on my wishlist, and a bottle of my favorite scent



A better look at said flowers. I know there are roses and Queen Anne’s Lace in this arrangement but I’m not sure of the other varietals. If you know, let me know because these are all now my new favorites! Greens, whites, and creams are my favorite palette of arrangements. There is calm sophistication and an untamed wild garden feel all at once that always makes me happy.



This weekend was our 10 year wedding anniversary (so crazy!), so we took the opportunity to get dressed up and hit the town (with COVID-safety measure adherence of course, so masks not shown).

I’ve been obsessed with this cotton-linen blazer by Vince (I’ve hunted for the perfect one for a couple years now and this is it for me). The drape is fantastic, the fabric is predominantly all natural and high quality, and I found it to be well-tailored while still maintaining a bit of the “oversized boyfriend fit” that has always been hard to pull off on my petite frame. Plus it was super marked down here and there are still tons of sizes left!

The silk slip dress is from one of my favorite boutiques Mixed Business LA. While they are sold out of this dress, they have lots of other treasures to peruse — a mix of vintage, independent makers, and a thoughtfully made in-house line. You guys will love! (Plus 10% off all their purchases are going to Black Lives Matter initiatives)




outfit details top: silk scarf is vintage, knit tank, high rise trousers, bag (the exact color I have has been discontinued, but this one is very similar), shoes

outfit details bottom: tank, shorts (I’ve had these for years), shoes, go-to summer hat (you’ll be surprised on where I grabbed this!)

To celebrate, we spent the weekend going to a couple of our favorite restaurants, dipped into a few favorite local shops that were open for safe perusal, played with some new cocktails at home, watched Hamilton (SO. SO. GOOD.), and did some yard work together. 

And, frankly, my favorite activity: a long day nap.



Will took this picture and stated that it is evidence that Gazpacho and I are the same, haha, which I love. Look at that baby squirrel.


I hope you all have been enjoying yourselves and taking care of yourselves! xx


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