Current Favorite Floor Lamps

Finding a good floor lamp is surprisingly harder than I thought it would be. One: they are expensive….particularly for someone like me who has been functioning off of Ikea and Target lighting for all these years. Graduating to something higher quality and more unique is definitely graduating to a new tier in the wallet dipping, too. Two: So many of them are boring.

As always, I’m trying to find some lighting that straddles the categories of classic without being too traditional, and interesting without being too trendy or quirky. Something structural, functional, and interesting with timeless appeal. And surprise, surprise—that generally means more of an investment.

Thank goodness I have a love of thrift and second-hand scores, flea markets, and estate sales when it comes to balancing the scale budget wise on other pieces to pad the wallet for new purchases. I save so much money being smart about what I buy that when it comes time to spend bigger on an investment piece, I rest a little easier pulling the trigger on a splurge.

So after scouring the web and bookmarking away these past few months while searching for just the right floor lamp for our living room, here is my round up of my current favorites on the market—with a couple options starting at very reasonable price points.


Floor Lamps

my current favorites that are classic, clean, and interesting



one: sphere & stem floor lamp / two: sally light standing lamp / three: stacked gray and white marble floor lamp


four: woven rope floor lamp / five: curvilinear midcentury floor lamp / six: cleo floor lamp


seven: eleana floor lamp / eight: theodora modern floor lamp / nine: cyprus three-arm floor lamp


ten: ARC floor black


So now the real question: is one of these THE ONE for my living room? Only time will tell…until then!

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