Bathroom Remodel Brainstorm


I won’t go into too many painstaking details, but will say that tackling our bathroom is the next expenditure we are saving up for. We own a smallish apartment in Boston, which comes with a small single bathroom.

Currently, it lacks storage (what I would give for a linen closet!), isn’t well-ventilated, and doesn’t take the most advantage of its footprint.

It is also currently tiled head-to-toe in rather outdated tile, which means a full demolition will need to take place. THAT makes this a rather intimidating project that I’ve been quite happy taking my time easing into!

Here is the inspiration I’ve culled for this project for now. I’ve got my pal Jessica Klein helping me blueprint every available inch, and I am busy noodling on every conceivable way to put in recessed storage, a vanity with drawers, and champagne tile/finishes on a beer budget.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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